Quality is what our company believes in.

Why Choose Us

We believe people and organisations are geared to continually be better. The old ways of
being self-reliant might mean you are struggling with the capacity and capability to
execute your projects. If this is you, then you could be our next client.

The annual variation in project complexities, makes insourcing unviable. We solve your
capacity and capability challenges by keeping your variable costs variable, and we
achieve this by becoming your outsourced Contract Exploration Mining, Processing, Fleet
Maintenance and Construction solution.

You require the expertise of skilled teams and engineers, and other technical resources
to coordinate the exploration, project construction, commissioning, fleet maintenance and metallurgical processing of your operations and projects. We help you to ensure
operational and project success and reduce

  • Construction cost overruns and Operational cost resulting high Opex costs.
  • Rework due to poor quality construction and.
  • Over budget projects
  • Early works budget overruns on Greenfield exploration projects.

BloomAhead is a black woman owned business which specialises in Contract Greenfields
Exploration Mining, Ore Processing, Fleet Maintenance and Construction activities. The
directors and senior team have a combined experience of over 50 years in the mining
industry. This knowledge of the Green field’s exploration, mining, processing and logistics
business value chain, portfolio management & strategic planning, ensures that they can
provide the most suitable solution for mining companies, junior mining companies and
fleet management companies.

Our Goals


To empower people to
communicate their messages with clarity and confidence.


To improve productivity by enabling people to focus on the most important tasks.

Quality Control

To provide quality control support by ensuring that documents prepared are of the highest quality through writing and editing support.

Brand Protection

To strengthen and protect brand
image through quality control in
writing and editing.


Corporate Mining Solutions (CMS)

BHP Billion Gabon

Minerals Explorations (Minex)

Aswan Exploration and Colonnade


 We can assist you with Contract Greenfields Exploration Mining, Ore Processing, Fleet Maintenance and Construction activities.

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